Better budgeting. That’s brilliant.

Run this year’s operating, salary and capital budgets with accuracy and efficiency. With Questica’s multi-user budgeting software you have everything you need in one easy-to-access place. Now all departments have the latest figures and reports. You can do your job and deliver a budget on time.


Track your progress. Reach your goals.

Bring your organization up to a level of brilliance by going beyond the financials and track an unlimited number of budget and non-budget key performance indicators (KPIs).


Questica Performance integrates seamlessly with Questica Budget, our popular budget preparation and management software.


Open your data to the future.

Questica OpenBook is a transparency and data visualization tool that enables organizations to share their financial and other data, when and where they need to.


Questica OpenBook can help public sector and non-profit organizations build transparency and trust by communicating visually. Brilliantly showcase financial and non-financial data with descriptive text, informational pop-ups, and searching, filtering and sorting tools. Now everyone can dive in and discover information that was once hidden in a spreadsheet.


Finally, a Budget Book that’s affordable.

Tap into your data to publish a brighter Budget Book. A better Budget Book begins with integration between Questica Budget and CaseWare Working Papers.


Our easy-to-use Budget Book reporting tool allows your government agency to create, collaborate, edit, approve and publish an awards compliant Budget Book without the headaches of multiple spreadsheets/documents, version control issues, manual updates, and duplicating content/visuals such as charts, graphs, tables and images.

Budget book