“We’re on a mission to simplify the
complexities of public sector finance,
empowering brilliance at every turn.”

TJ Parass - Co Founder of Questica

What we do

Questica’s goal is to drive budget transformation by creating a single source of data truth. As a leader of budgeting preparation and management software since 1998, Questica partners with public sector organizations to better enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, productivity and improving stakeholder trust. Over 800 local and provincial governments, colleges, universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities and non-profit organizations across 50 states and 12 provinces and territories have eliminated spreadsheets using our budgeting, performance, transparency and engagement solutions which seamlessly integrate with existing financial and other systems.


Our highly scalable solutions have been implemented at organizations managing budgets of a few million to others with multi-billion dollar annual budgets. No organization is too big or too small. Our team is comprised of technology experts, budget professionals and business specialists. We are passionate and friendly collaborators who enjoy teaming with our customers to find the right solution to meet their needs.


In February 2019, Questica along with five other companies including OpenCounter, Bonfire, CityBase, eCivis, and Sherpa Government Solutions, joined GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (GTY). GTY brings leading cloud software together to deliver modern solutions for state and local governments, education institutions and healthcare organizations. Questica remains an independent operating business unit of GTY, but all business units are a unified force leading digital transformation of the non-commercial sector. More than 1,750 agencies across North America leverage GTY solutions to deliver better outcomes for their constituents by improving the way they engage stakeholders and manage their resources. Built for the public sector, the intuitive suite of solutions supports the policy, regulation, and compliance requirements unique to the public sector. To learn more about the GTY platform and the positive impact it has on the people and communities it serves visit: www.gtytechnogy.com.


Questica now operates as a wholly owned business unit of GTY, while maintaining its brand, operations and leadership structure.



– 2021*, 2020*, 2019*, 2018: GovTech 100 Index which showcases the 100 leading companies serving state and local governments in unique, innovative and effective ways. (*Part of the GTY Technology Holding’s group of companies)

– 2019: CV Magazine’s Canadian Business Awards, “Best Cloud-Based Budgeting Software Solutions Provider”

– 2018: “10 most trusted public sector solution providers” by Insights Success magazine

– 2017: “10 best finance solution providers” by Industry Era magazine

Meet the team

TJ Parass, Founder  

  • Craig Ross

    President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Stefan Baerg

    Vice-President, Sales

  • Michael Fricke

    Director, Finance

  • Wendie Leest

    Director, Customer Success

  • James McCall

    Vice-President, Professional Services

  • James Orr

    Director, Product

  • Kaeshi Sri

    Director, Marketing

  • Taki Stewart

    Director, Development

  • Wes Van de Polder

    Sales Director, Government

  • Brian Walker

    Sales Director, Non-Profit

  • Allan Booth

    Vice-President, IT

  • Jeffrey Goldstein

    Director, Solution Engineering & Sales Director, Enterprise

  • Linda Ngo

    Vice-President, Human Resources

  • Stefan Baerg

    Vice-President, Sales

  • Tina Hernandez

    Director, Sales Operations

  • Wes Van de Polder

    Director, Sales, Mid-Market, Government

  • André Aberdeen

    Senior Account Executive, Government & K-12
    U.S. South West

  • Bob Courtland

    Solutions Engineer

  • Carlos Perez

    Account Executive, Mid-Market Government,
    Ontario and Central U.S.

  • Chris Olsen

    Senior Account Executive, Higher Education
    Canada & U.S.

  • Evan Smith

    Sales Support Specialist

  • Matt Reynolds

    Account Executive, Mid-Market Government,
    U. S. Central

  • Mike Sullivan

    Senior Account Executive

  • Nick Bansal

    Account Executive, Non-profit

  • Russell Bews

    Account Executive, Mid-Market, Government
    U.S. South East

  • Sandesh Vijay Devaraj

    Sales Support Manager

  • Brian Walker

    Sales Director, Non-Profit

  • Abid S.

    Learning & Development

  • Alicia H.

    Project Management

  • Andrew L.

    Customer Success

  • Anthony V

    Anthony V.


  • Binny P.


  • Brandon C.


  • Branko B.

    Learning & Development

  • Brett D'Amelio

    Brett D.

    Project Management

  • Brian W.

    Professional Services

  • Christoper Gulka

    Chris G.

    Project Management

  • Christina H.


  • Chris L.

    Professional Services

  • Corin R.


  • Danny B.

    Project Management

  • Dan Howard

    Dan H.

    Professional Services

  • Dennis M.

    Professional Services

  • Doug-Fletcher

    Doug F.

    Project Management

  • George B.

    Professional Services

  • Greg B.

    Professional Services

  • Greg Double

    Greg D.


  • Ivar G.

    Project Management

  • Hugh T.

    Project Management

  • James Martin

    James M.


  • Jana E.

    Project Management

  • Jason B.


  • Joseph C.

    Professional Services

  • Justin Walker

    Justin W.

    Professional Services

  • Katie W.

    Customer Success

  • Kirk Teeple

    Kirk T.

    Professional Services

  • Kristina B.

    Human Resources

  • Kyle Weaton

    Kyle W.


  • Lana W.

    Project Management

  • Laurie P.

    Customer Success

  • Marshall-Bucek

    Marshall B.


  • Matt A

    Matt A.

    Customer Success

  • Michael B.

    Customer Success

  • Michael Newsome

    Michael N.

    Customer Success

  • Niloufar R.

    Professional Services

  • Oscar Asuncion

    Oscar A.

    Project Management

  • Patrick M.


  • Phil Freire

    Phil F.


  • Samal Izekulova

    Samal I.


  • Sarah S.

    Learning & Development

  • Sergio D.


  • Simy Joseph

    Simy J.

    Professional Services

  • Steve B.


  • Susan Lien

    Susan L.

    Project Management

  • Todd C.

    Customer Success

  • Victor K.

    Project Management

  • William F.



in public sector budgets managed


customers across North America


in annual non-profit budgets managed


states, 12 provinces/ territories


financial systems integrations



Questica Ltd.
c/o GTY Technology Holdings, Inc.
20500 Belshaw Avenue, DPT# 2156
Carson, CA 90746-3506


603 Michigan Drive, Unit 1,

Oakville, ON, Canada

L6L 0G2


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