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Questica wins government budgeting software RFP for the City of Riverton, UT

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Compared to other providers of government budgeting software, Questica scored the highest to win an RFP issued by the City of Riverton in Utah. Riverton chose Questica because of the company’s depth of experience in public sector budgeting and implementation methodology. Questica Budget is a cloud-based solution that works with Riverton’s Caselle financial system. By using budget planning software, the City can transition away from using manually-intensive spreadsheets.


Questica Budget fulfills Riverton’s need to implement budgeting software that includes robust collaboration features for users. The budgeting software also includes automated workflows, and the ability to view all of the budget data, including historical information, budget‐to‐actual data, non‐financial data, and more. With robust reporting features and dashboards, a deeper analysis of the budget will make it possible for Riverton users to drill-down through the details of the budget. A centralized system for housing budget data will improve the Riverton’s goal of remaining transparent and accountable with citizens.