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Municipal District of Willow Creek Aims for Higher Citizen Engagement with Questica Budget

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The finance team at the Municipal District of Willow Creek was looking to modernize their budgeting process as they identified many gaps in their current system. Since they carried out most of their budgeting-related processes in Excel, it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the many sheets created through the process.

Their hope was to modernize their process, make it more efficient and organized, and streamline the subsequent reporting and forecasting. Questica Budget’s 20-year track record of providing trusted budgeting solutions to the public sector, especially in the province of Alberta, helped make their decision-making process much simpler.

Apart from wanting to modernize their process, they also sought to implement better tracking and reporting of their ongoing capital projects, so they could better inform constituents. They selected Questica Budget to manage their operating and capital expenses as well as Questica Performance to track Key Performance Indicators. The Capital module allows for the OpenBook integration that will let them visually highlight the progress on their capital projects, thereby bringing about more citizen and stakeholder engagement.