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GTY Technology’s Questica Inc. launches InTuition Revenue Model for Higher Education Budget Managers

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Today Questica Inc. (“Questica”), a business unit of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (“GTY”) and a leader in budget solutions for publicly funded organizations, launches Questica InTuition, a revenue model to empower Higher Education budget managers with the ability to easily forecast tuition revenue using the University of Delaware budget model.


“Simply put, Questica InTuition takes inputs, makes calculations and produces outputs for revenue modeling,” says Craig Ross, CEO of Questica. “Higher education budget managers can now make complex forecasts quickly, easily and accurately – we are excited to provide this level of automation to Questica clients.”


Enrollment is a critical factor for education institutions and accurately predicting forecasted numbers allows for superior planning. The Questica team worked with an existing higher education client to develop a model that was adapted from noted academic paper,University of Delaware Budget Model.” Questica InTuition uses historical enrollment patterns to estimate statistics like future enrollment per semester and determines budgets from tuition revenue that those enrollments will generate. The solution computes various tuition modelling scenarios and creates accurate trend reports for tuition costs on go-forward enrollment.


Clients that utilize Questica InTuition will work with a Questica consultant who will implement the tool and provide training on its usage. The solution is delivered as a set of calculation templates within Questica’s Advanced Calculation Engine (ACE) module, providing a highly configurable system.


The Questica InTuition Revenue Model is available as an additional tool in the Higher Education Budgeting Software.