It’s time to kick your budget spreadsheets to the curb

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The number of Excel budgetspreadsheets and templates out there can sometimes be dizzying, especially if you’re already up to your neck in numbers you’re not sure how to make the most of. While Excel spreadsheets are great tools, creating and maintaining them can be a full time job, and for a business owner, some things there just isn’t time for. If you’re in a pinch when it comes to your business budget, it might be time to rethink the way you’re doing things. Streamlining your business budget can seem a daunting task, but once the project is through, you’ll be saving more than just time.


The alternative to business budget spreadsheets

A fully-equipped budgeting and performance software solution offers much more than just a business budget spreadsheet, but a comprehensive and centralized method for accomplishing much more with your numbers than simply finding that baseline. With the right system, you can accomplish budgeting, forecasting, planning, in-­depth analysis and reporting. With central and accessible online access, these systems have user ready interfaces that make it easy to input and update data from anywhere while eliminating the need to manage a spreadsheet. Instead of building out your own data representations in graphics, there are built in and flexible options for making the most of all your numbers.


Save time and money

Spreadsheets take time, and converting that data into useful projections and money ­saving processes can be difficult and often go overlooked. The fact is, your business budget can be much more than a monthly balancing act. With the right tools it can actually help you maintain and grow a better business by being able to predict things like slow times of years, and fluctuations in certain aspects of the business. With this kind of foresight, you can make better business decisions and run your company more efficiently.


Why wait to transition?

Do you really want to bother going through yet another fiscal year of punching numbers to no avail? With a more scalable and accurate solution like a budgeting and performance management system, you can both do your monthly budgets and reporting in a more timely manner, while planning for your future more effectively. With features that allow you to integrate data into many different processes and workflows, and aggregate it all, the flexibility you’ll be afforded will be a return on your investment alone. A business budget will only take you so far before you’ve reached its limitations. Let your budget do more for you by seeing all the ways it can help you manage the performance of your business, as opposed to simply the numbers in your accounts.


If you’re looking to invest in a new way of budgeting and measuring the success of your company, Questica’s Budget and Performance system is a great option. With our expertise in implementing this system into many different industries and environments, you’ll find it both intuitive, user­ friendly and worth your investment. Check out our website for more information on how we can help you turn your business budget vision into a reality.