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Questica Partners with WSIPC to Support K-12 Organizations


Contract vehicle will make it easier and more affordable for K-12 schools and public agencies to adopt modern budgeting software and services solutions


(BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, August 11, 2021) – Questica Inc., the leading provider of public sector budgeting solutions, today announced it has been named an awarded vendor by WSIPC RFP 21-01 for computer software, licenses and services to K-12 educational institutions. Questica is a subsidiary of GTY Technology Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: GTYH) (“GTY”), a leading provider of cloud solutions for the public sector.


The WSIPC Purchasing Program connects 300+ K-12 public, private and tribal school districts to a network of technology partners, leveraging the power of the WSIPC Cooperative to provide competitive bids for goods and services at a reasonable cost. Each vendor who becomes a part of the WSIPC Purchasing Program has been awarded a bid contract through an official RFP process in compliance with Washington State Procurement RCWs.


This contract empowers WSIPC members to more easily mitigate their technology pain points and replace legacy budgeting systems with Questica’s Budget, Performance Measurement and/or OpenBook transparency solutions. Questica’s solutions will enable staff to align revenue and expenditures while being able to report, track and manage spending in a timely manner. It offers an array of features to make it easy for anyone in an organization to contribute to the budgeting process.


Questica features a simple-to-use, automated interface that quickly provides budget information in an easy and digestible format. It enables staff to update, monitor, and manage budgets in real time, even running multiple scenarios, with the option to automatically report on data.


“WSIPC’s mission is to provide a comprehensive, relevant, and fiscally responsible suite of technology services so our partners may focus on their educational mission,” said Marty Daybell, CEO and Executive Director, WSIPC. “The last 18 months have created an array of complexities for budgeting in the education industry. It was clear that Questica’s technology solutions, paired with their services and expertise in K-12 budgeting, would provide great value for our customers.”


“We are incredibly honored to be working with WSIPC to help K-12 institutions within the state of Washington modernize their budgeting technology quickly, easily and cost-effectively, especially given the challenges presented to districts during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Craig Ross, President & Chief Executive Officer, Questica. “We look forward to working with more schools throughout the state to create efficiencies and free up staff so they can focus their time and attention on achieving educational goals.”


Current WSIPC customers using the Questica solution include Seattle Public Schools and Richland School District. Washington State school district Spokane Public Schools have also implemented Questica.


Questica Budgeting solutions were created specifically for the public sector and are trusted by governments, non-profits, school systems, colleges, universities and healthcare organizations across North America. For more information about how Questica Budget Suite can help transform the budgeting and reporting process, schedule a demo here!