Now is the time to simplify your budget rollup

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Are you spending hours each month and maybe even days at the end of the fiscal year on your budget rollup? We understand the grueling and mind numbing work that goes into budget spreadsheets, and also that it can be completely avoided with the right tools. With automated and universal budgeting software ready for company-­wide use, you can streamline your budget rollup burdens, making everyone’s life a lot easier. To make the most of your master budget, it’s time to move away from traditional spreadsheets and templates, and think bigger, faster and better. Not only can a new budgeting method like a budgeting and performance software system help you manage your budget, but it can actually give you automatic projects and analysis to help you make better and more fiscally­ driven business decisions.


Simplify your budget rollup

The traditional spreadsheet model of a business budget typically requires that each department be maintaining a single spreadsheet which, when turned in, must all be manually entered into the master budget. This usually amounts to about a day’s brainless work punching numbers, even when sophisticated formulas are being used. That data doesn’t enter itself. With a budgeting system, everyone in charge of a budget can have online access to the data, making it accessible from anywhere and by anyone with secured access. As the months and years progress, the budget rollup will happen automatically, saving you lots of time in managing your budgets.


Added benefits of easier budget rollup

When there is less time spent on the tedium of budget rollup, managers are freed up to do other useful things with their numbers like projects and in­-depth analysis of the numbers to improve their business decisions and plan for the future. With the ability to aggregate data from many systems for big picture representations of the company’s status, increased productivity is bound to follow suit. The right budgeting system with all the bells and whistles automatically available like complex overhead formulas and data aggregation, you will be freed up to do things like scenario based budgeting. Start testing all those pie-­in-­the­-sky dream scenarios to see if you actually do have the resources to make them a reality. The best part is, when it comes to the budget, you won’t be reinventing the wheel to punch in a few projected numbers.


Managing your budget should be a pain free and easy process, not one that involves hours of boring and unnecessary data entry. Don’t let your budget rollup bog you down any longer! Consider investing in a budgeting and performance software system that will streamline your business budget and free you up to tackle more exciting aspects of the money stuff.


For more information on how to go about this transition, contact our experts at Questica, a budget planning software solution. We have over 600 public sector and non-profit organizations across North America who have eliminated spreadsheets; opting for smarter planning, budgeting, management and sharing with our solutions.


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