Four things to look for when software budget planning

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Quick, pop quiz! If you had a choice between one scoop or two scoops of your favorite ice cream flavor for the same price, which would you pick? No brainer, right? Two scoops of ice cream are way better than one! That’s because we like it when things are better, when they’re easier, when we get more for less. When you switch over to software budget planning, you’ll probably feel that excited anticipation of trying something better. Finally, you won’t have to stress out about your financial planning! Finally, you won’t pull out half of your hair come budgeting season!


In the joy of the new, however, don’t forget that there are still some things you need to keep in mind. Just because it’s budgeting software doesn’t mean it’s the right budgeting software. And here at Questica, we want you to have the best! So, with that in mind, here are four things to watch out for when you are software budget planning.


Your software isn’t easy to manage

We’ve spoken a lot about Excel and how more often than not it encumbers an efficient process. When you are software budget planning, make sure you’re not trading in one lame duck for another! If you find that the software is confusing, frustrating to navigate, and hard to explain, then it’s probably not what you want. Make an upgrade!


You aren’t actually saving time

If you’ve changed over to budgeting software, then you likely had one purpose in mind: efficiency! No more wasting time on creating unnecessary pages or performing all the calculations and adjustments manually. Saving time means saving money, right? But if you find that your new software is costing you the same amount of time as before, why even bother? Better to move on and find something that actually does what you want it to.


You aren’t receiving proper support

This is a big one, and “support” can be a rather broad statement. Support can be anything from regular maintenance, emergency repairs, and even training and support for when you’re onboarding. Basically, what are the software developers providing you? Are they taking the time to ensure that their program is properly understood, or are they too busy riding off into the sunset with your money in hand? What about if there’s a bug or a crash? Don’t be left to your own devices for something you paid for: make sure that the developers have your back as well.


Is anything really different?

Finally and most importantly, ask yourself this: is this solution in line with my goals? Examine your processes and assess whether you’re any closer to your goal now than you were, say, six months ago. If the answer is no, then the software is wasting your time and money and you need to move on.


There’s a lot of options when it comes to software budget planning, but Questica has the solution that you’re looking for. Our software is easy to learn and understand. Because we are cloud based, you are guaranteed savings for both your time and money. For more information about Questica, visit our website to request a demo of our product in action. And if you want more information on our financial philosophy, check out our website to learn more about our budget and performance solution.