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The City of Kitchener selects Questica to achieve modernized budgeting


As one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, the City of Kitchener boasts vibrant neighbourhood communities, diverse cultures, and ever-emerging businesses. Dubbed the City of the Future, the City of Kitchener is the urban centre for its more than 270,000 citizens dedicated to elevating the city’s legacy of community-building.   


To better serve its community, the City of Kitchener required a modernized budgeting tool that could replace their twenty-year-old homegrown budgeting system and extensive use of outside-the-system spreadsheets.


Their preferred solution would streamline their entire budget process and provide advanced features, including multi-year budgeting, improved personnel planning, increased data transparency, alongside seamless integration with their current ERP system — SAP.


In partnership with Questica Budget, the City of Kitchener has obtained a user-friendly budgeting solution that allows for centralized budget workflows accompanied by multi-year budget forecasting and reporting, enhanced personnel budgeting and unprecedented data accuracy. 


The city will have full integration with their SAP system for a unified budgeting process. 


Questica has focused on providing budgeting and forecasting software exclusively to the public sector for nearly 25 years. Questica is a full-service partner, where in-house staff are responsible for software development, implementation, training, and post-implementation customer care. 


Questica’s municipal clients include the City of Victoria, British Columbia; the City of Vaughan, Ontario; and the City of Edmonton, Alberta 


The City of Kitchener will have Questica’s Operating, Personnel, Capital, and OpenBook modules to provide them with a comprehensive and easy to use, data-driven budgeting and decision-making solution that provides executive control throughout every stage of the budget lifecycle.