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Public sector organizations rely on vendors and suppliers for the goods and services they need in order to effectively operate and serve their stakeholders, and budgeting software is one of these important services. However, implementing a new budgeting solution is a long-term commitment between you and the software vendor, a partnership that will influence the success of your financial reporting for years to come. You want to ensure that your organization is choosing a partner that knows the ropes and has a proven track record of successful implementations that are reliable, on time and on budget. The software vendor needs to be the right fit just as much as the product you are purchasing. But what should you look for in this new partner? Before your public sector organization chooses a budgeting software vendor, here are some key considerations to help you make the best choice.


Vendor viability

Choosing a vendor who will be able to support the software today and ten or thirty budget cycles from now cannot be overlooked. Questica Budget has been providing budgeting and transparency solutions to the public sector for over 20 years. We are proud to have the depth of experience that comes from working closely with our public sector clients to have a better understanding of the budget challenges they face today and anticipate in the future. Questica Budget Suite helps our clients run their operating, salaries and capital budgets accurately and efficiently, plus monitor performance, increase transparency and improve stakeholder engagement. By continuously enhancing our solutions, forming strategic alliances with other companies and associations that serve the public sector, and staying informed of how the world of public sector finance and budgeting is evolving, we continue to bring a new standard of excellence to the market.


Vendor credibility

Marketing buzz and slick ads can inflate the reputation of a software vendor, but what do their peers and clients have to say? Recognized by GovTech 100 as a company serving state and local governments in unique, innovative and effective ways, Questica has helped over 700 organizations across North America improve their budgeting process. Clients from the public sector — government, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education and non-profit — are budgeting and reporting efficiently and accurately, and getting more done in less time by using Questica Budget Suite. Clients say they like working with Questica because we listen to what they need and build it into our solutions. By using Questica Budget Suite, they can move away from manual processes and link the budget to strategic plans and outcomes to better serve their stakeholders. To find out what clients have said about Questica, including how one client had an 80% reduction in budget preparation, check out our Success Stories.


Vendor risk

Vendors and suppliers can offer efficiencies and cost-savings, but public sector organizations need to think about the risks that could arise from these relationships. This includes legal risk, reputational or brand risk, as well as operational risks that could hinder your organization’s performance and have a negative impact on stakeholders. To avoid these risks, choosing a proven leader in the public sector budgeting software market will be critical. For Questica, the success of our clients has been a measure of our success. We make it a priority to become partners with our clients, keeping the lines of communication open and ensuring you receive the maximum value from your Questica solutions. From customer success check-ins and business reviews to Questica Connect forums and our online Questica Help training and knowledge bank, we like talking to our clients and sharing with them what’s new at Questica. Your organization will never be in doubt you have partnered with a team working hard to earn your trust and provide a dynamic end-to-end budgeting experience.


Vendor roadmap

Questica is on a mission to drive budget transformation in the public sector with Questica Budget Suite. For that reason, Questica is always looking ahead and building a solutions roadmap to ensure we continue to innovate and find effective methods of solving the diverse and evolving challenges of the public sector. Our team loves to collaborate with clients to develop new tools and technologies to improve their budgeting outcomes and enhance what Questica can offer them in the future. Questica endeavors to provide best-in-breed cloud solutions that transforms the budgeting process so that you can deliver programs and services of the greatest importance to your stakeholders.


Share your budgeting journey with Questica

Vendors and suppliers play an integral role in helping public sector organizations operate efficiently and provide value to stakeholders. Your due diligence check will include looking for vendors that are viable, reliable, credible, and have proven leadership in the public sector. Choosing a budgeting software vendor will result in a long-term commitment not only to a budgeting solution, but a business relationship that will have an impact on how you budget for years to come. For Questica, this relationship is not simply transactional, but a partnership and opportunity to collaborate together on the tools you need to budget successfully today and in the future. Questica is proud to have been helping public sector organizations transform their budgeting processes for over 20 years. Our rapidly growing roster of clients has benefited from our budgeting and transparency solutions, but also the depth of experience in the public sector we have to offer. The budgeting road can be bumpy, but Questica is here to share the journey with you and show you a clear path to success.


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