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Chemeketa Community College, Oregon to implement Questica Budget

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Chemeketa Community College (“Chemeketa”) serves the counties of Marion, Polk, and parts of Yamhill and Linn near Salem, Oregon. The College offers associate’s degrees, training certificate programs, GED preparation, high school equivalency education and basic skills development to 30,000 students each year. Chemeketa provides opportunities for students to learn and successfully prepare for employment through quality educational experiences and workforce training.


Chemeketa required a budgeting system that was less manual and labor-intensive than the home-grown budgeting system they were using to manage their nearly $90 million budget. They wanted a unified multi-user system that could house their budget data in one place and provide the ability for calculations, an automated workflow process, and robust reporting features. The College also wanted the functionality for position budgeting, including fixed and variable fringe benefits costing, creating scenarios, multi-year forecasting, and the ability to track strategic initiatives and performance management objectives.


By choosing to implement Questica Budget for operating, salaries and capital budgets, Chemeketa can rely less on spreadsheets and start using a purpose-built budgeting solution that integrates directly with their Banner financial system. Questica Budget is easy to configure to meet the College’s unique budgeting requirements. The College will be able to do more in less time, including budgeting by position, creating unlimited what-if scenarios and calculating multi-year forecasts based on user-defined variables. Questica OpenBook is a data transparency tool that will elevate Chemeketa’s ability to communicate budget information to stakeholders and students by translating the data into interactive and engaging visuals.


Free from time-consuming spreadsheets, Chemeketa Community College’s budgeting process will be transformed for greater efficiency and better results using Questica Budget.